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Are freeze-dried cat treats nutritious? How to give cats freeze-dried treats? - 翻译中...

Freeze-dried cat treats are a kind of cat treats, which have certain nutrients. Most freeze-dried cat treats are made from meat and are rich in vitamins and minerals. It is usually a good choice to feed cats. Next, cat treats suppliers will tell you how to feed freeze-dried cat treats to the cat owners

1.Feeding by Age

When you feed freeze dried cat treats, there is a certain correlation with the cat's age. The cat has just been born in its mother's belly, and it is still a young cat. The teeth have just grown out, and the stomach is still relatively fragile. At this time, if feed the cat freeze-dried treats, the cat may not be able to eat them. I recommend that you wait for the cat to grow to about three months old and start to feed the cats freeze-dried treats. In the beginning, don't eat too much. You can give the cat a little bit and then increase it slowly so that the cat has a slow adaptation process, but usually, we don't give the cat constant treats, to avoid the cat's picky eating leading to malnutrition.

2. Direct Feeding

Cats are carnivorous animals, and freeze-dried cat treats are generally freeze dried raw meat, so there is no problem with feeding them directly. Some cats do not chew well, so you can soak the freeze-dried meat in warm water, and then feed the cat. In addition, cat owners can also add freeze-dried meat to cat food. It is also a good choice for cats to eat as a complementary food.

3. How to Choose Freeze Dried Treats?

Freeze-dried treats and freeze dried pet food are the most common kind of cat treats, so there are many types on the market. When choosing freeze-dried treats, cat owners can look at the production date, shelf life, and ingredient list of freeze-dried products. This information can be clearly seen on the regular freeze-dried treat packaging. Some cats' treats of poor quality will be freeze-dried and shipped abroad, repackaged, and then sent back to China, disguised as foreign cats' treats, and sold. So when you choose cat freeze-dried treats, you should carefully look at and choose regular cat freeze-dried treats to feed your cats.

And there are also many cat owners who see these and don't know where to start. You can refer to these pet treats from me. The freeze-dried pet treats series are all raw materials added through vacuum freeze-drying technology. According to sterilization, the fresh and nutritious substances are fully locked, which is convenient to carry and store. The production process is zero-additive, the grains are full, and the packaging is double-sealed to make the food material longer insured. The entire process from raw material procurement, production, storage, transportation to sales is strictly monitored and traceable to ensure the safety of each pet food. It is high quality and delicious. Usually eaten occasionally to cats, freeze-drying can exercise the cat's masseter muscle and clean the teeth.

freeze-dried treats

The above content is about the relevant knowledge of freeze-dried cat treats. I hope that everyone can feed some cat treats occasionally while ensuring the normal diet and drinking of cats.

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