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What Are the Benefits of Freeze-dried Cat Snacks - 翻译中...

Eating snacks, watching the TV play and  petting a cat can let you feel full of happiness across the screen, but have you prepared a snack for the cat? Today, one of the cat's favorite pet snacks is freeze-dried snack. Many cats who are picky eaters are also cured by it, and freeze-dried cat snack is a high-protein dry food snack, which also has many benefits for cats.

1. Process of freeze-dried pet snacks

First, the food is quickly frozen under suitable low temperature conditions to make the water freeze into ice cubes, and then under the appropriate temperature and vacuum conditions, the ice is directly sublimated into water vapor without passing through the liquid state, and the water is removed to obtain Techniques for drying pet snacks.

The nutrition and flavor in the meat are retained, which guarantees the nutrition contained in the meat quality to a large extent, can also restrain the growth of microorganisms in the food, and extend the shelf life.

2. The advantages of freeze-dried pet snacks

1) Good taste and easy to carry. Many cats who are picky eaters also love freeze-dried pet snacks, and there are many types of freeze-dried pet snacks, which can help cats try different flavors of snacks and supplement various nutrition. There are many freeze-dried pet snacks with independent small packaging, which are not easy to damp, easy to carry, and can effectively control the amount of snacks for cats.

2) High nutritional content. Freeze-dried pet snacks are basically made of pure meat, which is not only rich in protein, but also contains a certain amount of trace elements, amino acids and some minerals.

In addition, the freeze-dried pet snack process effectively maintains the original nutrients in meat, which is second only to fresh meat, and meets the needs of cats for protein and mineral elements during the growth process.

3. There are many ways to feed freeze-dried pet snacks

Freeze-dried pet snacks are suitable for cats over three months of age. Cats who are too young have weaker intestines and stomachs, are difficult to digest, and are prone to vomiting and diarrhea.

Freeze-dried pet snacks can be used as a supplement to help cats increase their appetite. Freeze-dried pet snacks and cat food are mixed together to increase food intake, and can also be used as a reward when playing to increase feelings.

Add water to feed. Cats do not like to drink water is determined by genetic factors, but for their health, we have to secretly trick them into drinking water. When feeding freeze-dried pet snacks, add some warm water or cool plain water. The freeze-dried snack which is Blister is soft and easy to digest, you can also "cheat" the cat to drink some water.

4. The choice of freeze-dried pet snacks

There are many types of freeze-dried snacks on the market. The pets owners can choose a few more, choose what cats like to eat, and can also help supplement nutrition in many ways. When buying, you must buy freeze-dried pet snacks through formal channels. Look at the date and don't buy products with "no name, no address, no production and sanitation license code" for cheap.

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