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What is the Market Prospect of Freeze-dried Pet Food Processing? - 翻译中...

What is the market prospect of freeze-dried pet food processing?

Freeze dry pet food is to freeze pure natural liver and meat of livestock and poultry, fish and shrimp, fruits, vegetables and other raw materials at low temperature through vacuum freeze-drying technology, and then under vacuum conditions, the water in it is directly sublimated into gaseous state without going through liquid state, and finally dehydrated and processed into pet snacks.

Freeze dry pet food does not add any preservatives and pigments, and has a low degree of processing. It has the advantages of high nutrition, light weight, high water content, good palatability, and are easy to carry.

In recent years, with the upgrade of market demand and the improvement of freeze-drying technology, the scale of China's freeze dry pet food market has gradually expanded.

There are many types of freeze dry pet food products, mainly including freeze dry pet staple food and freeze dry pet snacks. Among them, freeze dry pet staple food is the mainstream product in the market.

Freeze dry pet food products include freeze dry chicken, beef, duck down, little died fish , and quail, etc.

At present, the freeze dry pet food market in European and American countries is in a stage of rapid development, and its proportion in the pet food market is also increasing.

In contrast, the freeze dry pet food market in China is relatively small, and the industry still has room for improvement in terms of product quality, production technology, and brand building. In the future, China's freeze dry pet snacks market has great potential for development.

According to the 2020 White Paper on China's Pet Industry, in 2020, the number of people who raise pets (dogs and cats) in urban China will reach 62.94 million, and the pet consumption market size will reach 206.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2.0%.

Among them, pet food consumption accounts for the highest proportion, reaching 55.7%. Freeze dry pet food is a sub-product of pet food. With the upgrade of pet food consumption, the market demand for freeze dry pet treats is constantly releasing.

At present, the proportion of freeze dry pet food in the pet food market is still low, but its growth rate is high. With the upgrade of market demand, freeze dry pet food is expected to develop into a major retail channel for pet food growth and innovation.

Attracted by the market prospects, more and more companies are entering the freeze dry pet snack market. In this context, the number of freeze dry pet food brands on the market is increasing.

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