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Does Freeze-Dried Food Have Nutrition? - 翻译中...

Freeze-dried pet food is food that has been processed by rapid dehydration and rapid freezing. Today pet food supplier introduces pet freeze-dried food in detail.

Does freeze-dried food have nutrition?

Believe that the most important question many friends want to figure out is whether freeze dried pet food is nutritious because freeze-dried food is stored by dehydration and freezing, the purpose of this is to extend the shelf life of the food and preserve the nutrition of the food itself. The biggest feature of freeze-drying is that it retains nearly 100% of the nutrients in the meat. And under low temperature and dry conditions, bacteria and parasites have already died, so there is no need to worry about hygiene. In addition, because the raw meat is frozen directly, there is no need to worry about any attractants or preservatives.

So, what are the freeze-dried foods that cats and dogs can eat?

There are many types of freeze-drying, from seafood freeze-drying to meat freeze-drying. Such as freeze-dried chicken strips, freeze-dried beef jerky, freeze dried quail, etc. Occasionally giving pets some frozen food can be a good supplement of protein.

Freeze Dried Chicken Fillet

Freeze-Dried Duck: Low sensitivity and easy to absorb.

Freeze-Dried Quail: Rich in high protein and comprehensive nutrition.

Chicken cubes: best palatability, easy digestion, high protein, suitable for pets with the weak gastrointestinal tract.

Freeze Dried Chicken Breast: high protein and low fat (suitable for fattening/fat-prone pets)

Of course, there is another problem that needs attention. If you have fed freeze-dried food to your pet cats and dogs, it is best to ensure that the cats and dogs are 6 months or older, otherwise, some pet cats and dogs with fragile stomachs may experience indigestion or vomiting.

What are the disadvantages of freeze-dried food?

Freeze-dried food is very nutritious food. Regularly feeding cats and dogs with freeze-dried food not only allows them to take in more protein and nutrition but also increases their appetite. It is the best choice for cats and dogs who don't like to eat food. But it must be noted that if you often give them freeze-dried food, it may cause picky eaters. After all, freeze-dried food is different from cat food and dog food. Since freeze-dried food is relatively simple in nutrition, it cannot be as comprehensive and balanced as cat food. Therefore, we suggest that it is best not to often give pets' freeze-dried food, occasionally as a reward or regulating appetite is completely fine.

Summary: Freeze-dried food is rich in nutrients and has few shortcomings. As long as you don't often feed freeze-dried food for cats and dogs, there will be no problems. In addition, freeze-dried foods are high in protein and are especially suitable for cats and cats.

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