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  • Q Are the Freeze Dried products main food or treats? - 翻译中...

    Dogs are domesticated from wolves, cats and tigers belong to one family. They ate the meat directly as food in the previous time. Just due to the evolving of the human domestication, they begin to eat the pellets. For the freeze dried products, they can be fed as main food and also as treats.  Just due to the cost of freeze dried pure meat is much higher, so, normally the peoples use them as treat to feed the pets. And gradually, there appear freeze dried mixture products as main food.

  • Q How to feed the Freeze Dried Products to the pets? - 翻译中...

    There are many different ways to feed the freeze dried products. Here just listed some advice.

    1. To feed the pet snack to the pets directly.

    2. Putting the snacks into water to restore as the fresh meat, then feed the pets.

    3. To mix them with the main food to enhance the palatability of the food.

    Usage Scenario:

    A. If the pets are sick, the freeze dried pet treats can be accompanied with the medicine to feed the pets. You will get a very good effect!

    B. If the pets donot like to drink water, just mix the Freeze Dried with water, it will help you too much!

  • Q The product is really very good, but it is so expensive. How to begin the products? - 翻译中...

    a: My own advice: Just begin at the MOQ. And use the small beatiful design package to absorb consumers.

    b: To make the trial's bags. And it belongs to the highest class high quality pet food. The products' show is very important.

    c: To put the products into a transparent bowl and put water into it and put the FD Products inside. Then it will show all the products are natural, without nothing additives inside.

    d: To find promotion measures to make more and more consumers to trial it when you get the goods, only after the trialing, it will bring sales.

    There are also other very helpful commercial advice......

    When we built up cooperation, I will let you know more...

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